London Fashion Week: A Guide To Getting There


how to apply for london fashion week

So you want to attend London Fashion Week? I believe I’m coming up to my tenth season now and I get lots of questions from other bloggers asking tips on how they can attend. So I thought I’d summarise them here.
Is this something your readers would respond to? Before you go you need to really think about your reasons for attending. What content do you want to get from your time there, it’s all about making the most of it. Maybe you just want to go to network? Or get some amazing outfit pictures? Or you want to cover up and coming designers. You decide. 
First things first download the official schedule – you can then highlight all of the shows or presentations you really want to attend. This is also really handy to have on you when you are in London, making sure you don’t miss anything.
Contacting PR
I’ve had quite a lot of people ask me in the past if it is possible to buy a ticket to fashion week. Short answer, no. This is a trade only event which you have to be invited to. However lots of bloggers seem to be put off because the British Fashion Council now ask for accredited bloggers to have over 10,000 unique visitors to their blog every month. You also need a combined social following of over 10,000 across all your social platforms.
Not being able to get the lanyard around my neck has not stopped me attending. You will need to download the ‘ticket request for press’ document and get to work emailing the individual PRs.  Pick designers you are really interested in, oh and be realistic. Burberry aint going to be dropping through your door any time soon, if they want you there it will happen! Drafting up an email with a little information about you and your blog, why you want to attend and your address will give the PR everything they need. If they are your favourite designer tell them, adding in links to posts where you’ve talked about them is great too. Don’t forget the off schedule shows, some of the best ones I’ve seen have been at Fashion Scout.

Be super organised and plan plan plan. Line up all your tickets for the day, does something clash? You’ll have to pick your most preferred show. If you don’t have any clashes but your shows/presentations are at different venues, make sure you plan your route. Especially helpful to the non-London dwellers is City Mapper, it’s been my lifesaver on more than a few occasions.

Over the years I’ve seen lots of bloggers attend shows who never go on to do a show report or even tweet about it. I think this is pretty disrespectful, as someone else could of had their ticket. I always make sure I write up my experience of the show and of course cover it on social media while I’m there. It’s nice to also tweet or email the PR of the designer afterwards with your blogpost, there is more chance you’ll get invited back next time.

So there you have it my mini guide to attending London Fashion week, are the any other questions you want answering? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Great guide. I've never even tried to attend fashion week, but this makes it sound a little more accessible!

    Rachel |

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