Smoke Barbecue, Leeds

The other week I went along to the blogger and press evening at Smoke Barbecue. I’m always up for trying new restaurants but I was a little apprehensive about all of the meat. I’m not a huge red meat eater and I didn’t know if there would be lots of things on the menu that would take my fancy. 
As it happens there was plenty for me to try to get a real sense of what Smoke has to offer. Myself and Ellie wandered up to The Merrion Centre. Which by the way is becoming the new place to be for restaurants, don’t forget it when thinking of somewhere to eat out. The sell of food hits you as you arrive and we couldn’t wait to tuck in.
Something interesting about Smoke is that there is no gas in the building, might sound a little odd but everything is smoked (of course!) and the owner didn’t want to tempt fate by installing any gas cookers. Everything has a unique taste because of this and the flavours seem all the more richer because of the way they are cooked. 
We were then presented with the Smoke Share Plate (£30) as the name suggests you HAVE to share this. If only for the sheer volume of food that is put in front of you. I was a little overwhelmed. Ours was a slightly different to what you would normally get in the restaurant, as they wanted to try a few little extras. But you get pulled pork, baby back ribs, barbecue turkey leg, chicken thighs and house hot link sausage. We has some slaw on the side and a jalapeno cooked bread muffin. I left the ribs and pork to Ellie, we both tried to eat all the turkey but failed. It was giant!
Next came the desserts which were amazing too, you have to look on the chalkboard to see what the desserts of the day are. Make sure you leave room for these as they really are more-ish. Overall my experience at Smoke was great, this really is a place to come with friends. The sharing quality of the dishes makes it a great place to meet and chat. Maybe not the best place for a first date, it can get a little messy! 

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  1. Cara E says:

    this looks amazing! nothing beats a good smokehouse x

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