A Guide To Cape Verde


I’ve just got back from a week on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde and I wanted to share a little travel diary with you. I’ve never really dabbled in travel blogging very much but on other blogs these are some of my favourite posts to read. So I thought I’d give it a try. The post is mainly going to be image driven but that’s the best bit right?

The motto of Cape Verde is ‘no stress’ and from the moment you arrive you can see why. Cape Verde has a very relaxed way of life and you can’t help but let this rub off on you. Which is perfect when you are just looking for a place to recharge your batteries. We stayed at the Riu Touareg on the south of the island, the journey from the airport is half on a dirt track which makes for an interesting experience. Top tip, ask for a high floor and a sea view you won’t be disappointed. In June they also have turtles nesting on the beach there, a great sight to behold I’m told. 

Although we were staying in a resort we had ventured out one day in land rovers. Most journeys around the south of Boa Vista are on dirt tracks which adds a little something extra to the experience. 
Went along to see the ship wreck of the Santa Maria which ran a-ground on Boa Vista in the 60s. This was a little blessing in disguise for the people of Boa Vista, who were going through hard times, as the ship contained food and clothing. They guess it will have fully eroded into the sea in about 5-7 years time.We also ventured to some of the local villages, to see how they live and work. I loved the colourful houses and the people are so friendly. Tourism is some of these villages main sources of income now, so when you do visit make sure you support them. I found my spiritual home in Boa Vista and I’m sure you will too. Has anyone reading already been?


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  1. S, x says:

    This place looks SO dreamy <3

    Sophie Cliff

  2. Abbie says:

    Oh wow babe!! This looks amazing!! xx


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