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I have some how got to the age of 27 and I’ve never had a brow appointment. I don’t know why. I’ve plucked my eyebrows for years but I’ve never taken the plunge and had them done professionally. I was invited along to the new HD Brows Training Academy in Leeds to try out their service and see their new facilities. 
To say I’d never let anyone near my eyebrows I had to give myself a pat on the back, this service includes waxing, threading and plucking. It can sting a little bit but nothing that will put you off going back. I was in the very capable hands of Brett who put my mind at ease and answered any questions I had. I was very impressed to hear he’d been the brow man to the stars and I actually felt like one once the my brows were finished. 
Dye was applied to my eyebrows which has made them a touch darker, for me the darker and fuller the better. Brett then used make-up to fill in any bits which were ‘lacking’. He used Browtec in bombshell as a base and then he topped this off with their Brow Colourfix in Foxy to fill in the darker areas. He went over a few areas with the Pro pencil too. I just need to learn how to re-create these brows at home…
What I really liked about the treatment was the care and questions asked before you have anything done. Eyebrows are such an important part of peoples faces and they make sure the shape is something that suits your bone structure and face shape. After my brows were done I was also treated to a mini make-over and I’ve fallen in love with their make-up range. The eyeshadow palettes are to die for. 
Having taken the first tentative steps into brow treatments I have to say that I would get them done again in a heartbeat. I was also lucky enough to be given a few of their lovely products to try at home, keep your eyes peeled for a review on those coming soon…

Find out where your local HD Brows salon is here.

3 responses to “HD Brows”

  1. I've never had a brow appointment either, I'd be too scared if it went wrong! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Cara E says:

    I've always been super intrigued by HD brows, yours look amazing! xx

  3. Mantenso says:

    wow, your brows look great!
    I had the worst experience with HD brows in leeds at Bliss in Headingley, I grew my brows out for 6 months and then they absolutely wrecked my brows and I had to grow them out for another 6 months. Thank god I found a really lovely HD lady who really knows what she is doing haha.

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