We have seen so many greats pass this year and I’ve felt sadness everytime it happened. When Bowie passed away my thoughts turned to my friends or family who looked up to him and called him a hero. Although I was an admirer of his work I didn’t feel the same sadness I am feeling right now. It’s a strange sensation to be so moved by someone you never met. Friends got in touch to see if I was ok, that’s how much I identified with him. 
His music has been a sound track to my life and his fashion inspired me to really not give a shit what people thought. Be you, that’s all! He was a true fashion peacock – his individuality shone through. His gender blurring was amazing, managing to be masculine and feminine all at the same time. A real sex symbol. That air of mystery surrounding him is something that you don’t get with todays ‘popstars.’ He once said that the internet is completely over. Although I don’t 100% agree with that statement (hello I’m writing a blog post about it) I was totally with him on switching off and enjoying the music at his shows. I was lucky enough to see him twice, the last time being in Manchester where he played an incredible 3 hour set. And no one was allowed to tweet, take pictures or record any part of the show. It was all about the music. My friend and I left completely overwhelmed and with real memories rather than watching it through the screen on someones iPhone. Thank you Prince for being a real inspiration and I will never stop listening to your music. 

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life – PRINCE


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