Top 5 Apps for Bloggers

Top 5 Apps for Bloggers

I don’t think I’ve ever done one of these advice posts – in the majority I have to say I don’t like posts telling me how to blog. But I do like posts which help me to discover something I haven’t seen before. I thought I’d write this post about my top 5 apps, after Lizzy from Shot from the Street suggested I should. I’m always telling people about these apps. Some I’ve discovered myself and some I’ve been recommended by other bloggers. But they all help with my weekly blogging activity.

1. Trello
This is for all you bloggers out there who love a list and the satisfying feeling you get when you get to ‘tick’ something off that list. I have different boards for up-coming blog posts, to write, events and ideas. It’s really up to you though, thats the beauty of it. Organise as you wish! 
This app literally changed my life. I was really inactive on Facebook and struggled to use my Instagram posts to the best of their ability until I found IFTTT. You can sign up to different ‘recipes’ that suit your need or you can create your own. My particular favourites are: posting your newest blog post to your blog Facebook page or posting your new Instagram post as a native Twitter picture. 
3. Snapseed
This has some serious skills when it comes to editing pictures. I was recommended this by my blogger friend Audrey from Be Frassy. Is your background looking a little dark – no worries using the exposure brush you can lighten the background without interfering with the subject.
4. Tailwind
Love Pinterest but only get to post at certain times of the day? Tailwind is the perfect app to schedule all of your Pinterest inspirations for you. Rather than posting them all at once you can set different times for them to go out which allows you to test when is the most effective for you. 
As well as using this app for some final editing touches this is the perfect app for planning out your Instagram feed. In an age when bloggers curate and edit their feed, this app allows you to look at your up coming pictures and make a decision as to wether they look right. 

5 responses to “Top 5 Apps for Bloggers”

  1. Emma Payne says:

    Tailwind sounds really useful, I tend to go on pinterest in my lunch hour and at night so it does go through all in one instead of spaced out, I will look into this!

  2. Cara E says:

    I love VSCO but need to try the others! X

  3. Kariss Ainsworth says:

    This is really handy thanks!


  4. I've not used any of these but IFTTT seems so handy! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Micks | Michaela Rebecca

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