Top 5 Favourite Podcasts of the Moment

Top 5 Favourite Podcasts of the Moment

Podcasts have become a little bit of an obsession of mine. Up until last year I hadn’t really listened to any at all but now I pretty much listen to one everyday. I started off (like so many do) with the brilliant Serial. Sidebar on this: how are we feeling about the new season? 
They are great for your commute to work, to listen to while you’re working or even to fall asleep to. When I’ve travelled a lot for work they give me a sense of the familiar and help me drift off. There is something out there for everyone but I thought I’d run down my top 5 of the moment,. Let’s see if you can find your new favourite.
1. How Did This Get Made?
Do you ever watch a film and think how the f**k did this come to be? Well How Did This Get Made is the podcast for you. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas take a running jump into the world of bad movies. Their observations and sheer disbelieve at some films will have you in absolute stitches.
2. Sword and Scale
If you have an interest in real crime stories then this is the podcast for you. At times Sword and Scale can be so raw that it is almost too difficult to listen. Think real calls to the emergency services and interviews with families of victims etc. The production value and the view into these true stories keep you listening. I’ve found this podcast seriously addictive and I wait for the next one to drop into my podcast list. 
3. BBC Woman’s Hour
As a proud feminist Woman’s Hour is the perfect place to catch up on the most up to date issues for women. It really shows a woman’s perspective on all aspects of life and gets me thinking on my daily commute. 
4. Ctrl Alt Delete
Emma Gannon brings her up-coming book to life (Out 7th July) in her podcast Ctrl Alt Delete. Looking at life online and how it has changed the world we live in. Emma asks questions that we all want to know the answer to. Check out episode two featuring the internet superstar Zoella, such an honest and open chat! 
5. My Dad Wrote a Porno
This is the podcast that made me do a loud snort on the bus. It is utterly brilliant. Jamie Morton found out that his dad wrote a porno and decided to serialise it week by week in this podcast. He is joined by his friends James Cooper and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine. This is possibly the most un-sexy book ever written which makes it all the more hilarious. I’m currently waiting with baited breath for book number two…

3 responses to “Top 5 Favourite Podcasts of the Moment”

  1. Cara E says:

    How did I not know BBC Woman's Hour was a thing?! I'm subscribing. xx

  2. Rachel says:

    I already love Sword & Scale and My Dad Wrote a Porno, but I'll definitely check out the rest of these. I love a podcast.

    Rachel |

  3. Mantenso says:

    I love a good podcast, my faves include bulletproof radio, freakonomics and the Ted radio hour ones.
    Will defo check these out.

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