A Statement Lip with Lord and Berry

makeup for girls with glasses
Being a girl with glasses can be tough. The media always makes us out to be ‘geeks’ or we can often end up playing the sexy secretary. When I think of successful bloggers who wear glasses I can only think of a handful. I’m talking about people who actually wear their glasses in outfit posts, not just on the weekends at home. The lack of role models for women growing up is small. TV shows show women in glasses to always be in the ‘friend-zone.’ How ridiculous?! They are usually used as an instrument of change. We’ve all seen She’s All That, she takes off her glasses and suddenly BAM she’s a hottie.
Many people have told me to try contact lenses over the years but I just can’t seem to make the jump. I’ve worn glasses since I was 3 years old and they have sort of become part of who I am. My glasses even made it into my blog header! It may come as a surprise to you that on Google when you search ‘make-up for girls with glasses’ you are met with over 25 million results (trust me I just searched it). How do you get round having them? And what should you avoid like the plague? 
Make-up can be a bit of a minefield, go too far on that smokey eye and your mistake looks 10x magnified under your lenses. That’s why more often than not I opt for the statement lip, keep your eye make-up simple and let your lips do all the talking (sic). Lord & Berry were kind enough to send me some of their Kissproof Lipsticks for me to put to the test. At the moment I’m really drawn to dark colours or something which enhances my own lip colour. 
The shade I’m wearing is called Perfect Nude; and it really is. The staying power was really impressive, even after eating and drinking it stays on your lips. This is quite a build-able product, depending on how dramatic you want your lips to be. Once dry it’s pretty matte but it doesn’t dry out your lips. I’d say these are great for everyday wear and easy to throw in your bag
makeup for girls with glasses


2 responses to “A Statement Lip with Lord and Berry”

  1. Such a gorgeous shade – something I'd wear all the time! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Cara E says:

    This lip colour is absolutely stunning on you! x

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