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The Light Salon Harvey Nichols

Last week I was invited along to Harvey Nichols to try out The Light Salon. This is an express LED treatment that promises radiant skin in under 15 minutes. When looking at this type of treatment others can be pretty pricey, but at £35 this is affordable for more people. I don’t think I’d ever have Botox or fillers (I’m majorly scared of needles) but I do worry about wrinkles and aging. 
This is a great treatment which will help your skin produce more collagen and it also corrects and heals the skin. This sounded perfect for me as I have a few scars from past teenage acne. My laughter lines are also becoming quite pronounced (I guess it’s actually better than not having them though, right?) and I would like to reduce the appearance of these.

The Light Salon Harvey Nichols
The Light Salon Harvey Nichols

The treatment itself is painless and actually pretty relaxing, I had the LED rejuvenation treatment (yellow light).  It’s a little odd at first  as you get used to the lights being over your face. If you want the machine a little further away from your face you can, some might feel a little claustrophobic at first. The treatment itself lasts 11 minutes, the lights flash in different combinations to deliver the LED treatment to your face. It gets pretty warm, but nothing uncomfortable. As you get used to it you’ll find yourself imagining you are on a warm beach, just keep those eyes closed! I was also told that some people use this to treat their hair line, if it is looking a little thin, as it stimulates hair growth. 
I’ve been given 4 treatments to try in total and the lady that carried out my treatment was confident that I would see real results after these 4 sessions. I’m keen to see what effect it has on my skin, so I’ll be doing a follow up post where I show you my before and after photos. I’ll have no make-up on my skin either so you can see my skin in all its naked glory, keep checking back for the results! I’m going to Barcelona on holiday next month and hoping with the help of this treatment that I can go make-up free most of the time. Fingers crossed….

The Light Salon Harvey Nichols


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