How to Pack Light


how to pack light
I’m going on holiday soon to Barcelona, which mean my mind turns to packing. s this city has sights and a beach you really have to carefully plan what you are taking. Sloppy planning can result in mis-matched outfits that don’t go together at all. The main thing is that all your items work together and you don’t end up having to buy something while you are there.
1. T-Shirts
You need a few of these – luckily they roll up pretty right so you could probably for 4 or 5 in. You’ll need a few for the beach and some more formal ones for talking around during the day. 
A couple of pairs should be. I’d recommend a denim pair and a formal pair like the ones in the picture above. These Carven X La Redoute ones would look great at lunch during the day. 
3. Trainers
These are an essential. Is there anything worse than wandering around in the heat with sore feet? Nope. 
4. Sandals
I suggest going for a colour that goes with everything. Sticking to a tan or black sandal will be your best bet.
5. Swimwear
It’s really up to you here. Find something that you feel comfortable in but more importantly something you feel AMAZING. An amazing swimsuit can also team up as a top – all you have to do is pop your shorts on.
6. Light Knitwear
On an evening temperatures tend to dip. You need a light knit that can keep you warm but won’t over heat you. This piece will also come in hand for the journey home, we all know when you step off the plane in the UK chances are it isn’t going to be warm. 
7. Multi-Task Bag
You bag needs to be versatile. During he say it needs to carry all your essentials. But on an evening it needs to look great with your dress. I suggest getting something with a removable strap, so it turns into a clutch. It becomes the perfect bag to dance around! 
8. Evening Dress
This dress should be a tried and tested party piece. Little black dress? Flowing maxi? It’s really up to you, I’d back a little  black cocktail number perfect for whatever you decide to do. 
9. Heels
To go with your evening dress. These heels should be comfortable, you might still have to walk a fair distance in the evening and the last thing you want is to be hobbling around in your painful heels. I’d go for something with a chunky heel and ankle strap to offer support. 
10. Sunscreen
Make sure that these are under a 100ml and are in a clear plastic bag. Nuxe do some small versions of their full size products that would be perfect for this. 

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