Products to Take on a Flight


Products to Take on a Flight

I’m heading to Barcelona on Monday and I’ve been busy packing all week. I like to take my time with packing, so I’ve slowly being laying out outfits, shoes and products. I like to have a little bag of tricks with me to take on the plane. We all know that flying dries your skin out and can leave it looking seriously de-hydrated so it’s important you look after it in mid-flight.

First we have the multi-purpose dry oil from Nuxe, I love this stuff because it has so many uses. I use this on my body, face and hair when I’m at home. For a flight though it’s perfect for dry patches which might bother you. Because of the air conditioning I tend to get dry patches on my face. This sorts them right out!

Next we have Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. This is great for applying at the start of your make-up routine, to refresh your complexion. I spray this on my face at the start of the flight and when I reach my destination to give my skin an added boost.
This anti-fatigue moisturising rich cream by Nuxe is packed with antioxidants. Perfect for giving your skin some TLC before you set off. The stress of the recycled air on your skin means we have to keep moisturised so this will definitely do the job.

I like to keep a little travel perfume with me when I travel. Not only does it smell really good but it can remind me of home too. At the moment this Diptyque fragrance is my favourite, it smells quite masculine which is something I often look for in my perfumes.
This Nuxe ultra-nourishing lip balm is great for keeping your pout in check. Not only does flying play havoc with my skin but my lips too. Nobody wants chapped lips on holiday so be sure to apply this as often as possible.

Lastly we have Eau Thermale Avene spring Water spray. This feels like the ultimate #luxurybitch product for me. I mean, spraying thermal spring water all over your face? This feels so good though and its a great pick me up when you’re feeling a little groggy. Oh and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!


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  1. Cara E says:

    I'm so intrigued by the concept of dry oil, I must give it a shot! x

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