Top 5 Guest Bedroom Tips

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Tips
The guest bedroom tends to fall by the wayside when it comes to planning. When moving into a new home your attention, of course, turns to your own room. Now that mine is almost complete, I’ve been planning what to do with my guest bedroom. I want to create a peaceful space which has a home away from home feel for my guests.  My colour palette is simple; blue and white. I wanted something that looks fresh and airy.

This Tuscany wood frame bed from Carpet Right is the perfect start for the room. The white frame lends itself to the colour palette and is a central focus instead of blending into the decor. Of course there are a few other comforts that will make sure your guests have a peaceful nights sleep…
1. Light a nice smelling candle, many of our emotions are centered around scent. Create a relaxing environment by lighting it before your guest arrives. 
2. Make sure your room has fresh flowers, adding a personal touch like this makes all the difference. I love white peonies, a little bouquet on the window or dresser will be enough to impress your guests.
3. Fluffy fresh white towels are a sure fire way to make sure your guest feels like they are surrounded by luxury. You could even add a fluffy white dressing gown to the back of the door. 
4. Leave a jug of ice water and a glass in their room. This will save them the job of searching all your kitchen cupboards for a glass later. 
5. Before bed spray their pillow with thisworks pillow spray, I swear by this now. It will help your guest to drift off into a natural sleep. 

There are my top tips for the guest bedroom; don’t blame me when your friends or relatives want to stay every weekend!

The post was sponsored by Carpet Right.

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