Radisson Blu Cocktail Masterclass at The Light

I was invited along to the Radisson Blue Firelake Restaurant and Bar at The Light in Leeds, to try out their cocktail masterclass. The masterclass itself is £29.95 per person for groups under 10. If you have a large group of over 10 people you can get the masterclass for £20 a head.  I love discovering things like this in the city, as I’m always looking for something different to do with my friends. We were told by the mixologist that this is the first concept bar that Radisson Blu have opened which is really exciting. The bar itself is named Firelake because there is a fire pit inside which I can imagine would be lovely to see around in the colder months. 

What’s included?

For your money you will get a glass of prosecco on arrival, 2 cocktails, canapés and nibbles. 
What happens in your masterclass?
You  will be asked to pick two favourite cocktails from the menu available. The mixologist then talks through the cocktails itself and tells you some of the history behind it. They also play a few games and the winner gets extra drinks! 
You will then get a chance to go behind the bar and make a cocktail yourself.
You will be asked what kind of favours you like so the mixologist can give you a recommendation on a cocktail you can make. There is something really satisfying about making the cocktail yourself. 
Is it worth the price? 
 If you want something to do with friends which is a little out of the ordinary, I would say this is worth the money. Especially because the food you get isn’t just a few nibbles. We were pretty full after we’d eaten our boxes. Also you may get the three drinks total (that you pay for) but as there are more drinks up for grabs, you can end up getting more for your money. The venue itself is really nice and the cocktails themselves really are amazing. None of those disappointing fake tasting cocktails, just fresh ingredients. 

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  1. Queen Beady says:

    Oh wow, I love cocktails but the fact you get a nice portion of food makes me want to try it out! The bar itself sounds lush too.
    Bee | QueeBeady.com

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