Top 5 Tips for Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Tips for Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

We’ve all done it. Stood stoney faced staring into the abyss that is our wardrobes. How did we accumulate so much? Since when did I have 50 striped t-shirts? Am I ever going to wear that full sequin gown?  In an effort to sort my own horde wardrobe out I’ve been doing my research and I’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you with your clear out. 

1. When is the last time you wore it? 
We are all guilty of hanging on to things, just because. This means there are plenty of items that sit in our wardrobes unloved. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months you probably never will. Move on!
2. Does it fit? 
We know you love that one little black dress but if it doesn’t fit then it’s time to part ways. Keeping hold of things that are too small or big will only add to the chaos that is your wardrobe. 

3. Is it your style? 
Really think about your everyday style. Does this piece fit within this? If it doesn’t it’s likely that you won’t wear it again. If it’s a special occasion dress it can be more likely but keep in mind a rainbow sequin number was probably a one off. 

4. Does it have sentimental value? 
There are some pieces you can never let go because of the memories they hold. For me it’s my Grandmas faux fur leopard print coat. It isn’t something I throw on all the time but I know I’m never going to part with it. If you have a small pile of sentimental clothes you should vacuum pack these and box them up. This frees up space in your day to day wardrobe but you know you can get the box out whenever you want a trip down memory lane. 

5. Make Four Piles
Keep, Sell, Charity and Re-cycle/Bin. This is a quick way to power through every item and a great way to cull things fast. Sell those items that are designer label or high end high street, you can put this money back into building up a capsule wardrobe. Your charity pile should be items that are still in good condition, that will go on to find another home. Don’t try and pass off things that are really ready for the BIN. Anything that needs to be thrown could be taken to a re-cycling centre, charities like oxfam have a Wastesaver scheme.

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2 responses to “Top 5 Tips for Clearing Out Your Wardrobe”

  1. Charlotte Harvey says:

    definitely going to use this advice to clean out my wardrobe when we move! <3 👽

  2. Hayley Rubery says:

    This is SUCH a useful post love! I'm about to move back home and need to be SO ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff – book marking this page! <3

    Hayley xo

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