Friendship In Your Late 20s


Friendship In Your Late 20s

Since when did it become so hard to maintain friendships? When you get into your late 20s you start to see your friends less and less. A group get together has to be a well planned military operation.
I remember as a kid it was as simple as walking up to someone and saying ‘hey do you want to be friends?’ And that was it you basically had a friend for life… Or until you fell out over which spice girl you wanted to be. 
Surrounding yourself with amazing people that inspire and lift you up is so important. Your 20s are a tough decade and having that support group around you has never been more important. 
You will find yourself questioning certain friendships in your 20s too. And to put it bluntly – don’t make any time for bad friends. Are you constantly giving, but they are never there to hear your problems? You don’t need these kinds of people in your life. It took me a long time to realise this but you can just stop being friends with someone. There doesn’t have to be some grand argument and falling out but you don’t have to try with people you don’t want to. 
I have a great set of friends but I’m always looking to expand my group. Blogging has meant that I’ve met some amazingly like minded people. That’s not just because we like blogging (because I’m met some douchebags in blogging too) but I’ve found some really similar personalities within the blogging community. I’m looking forward to getting to know these ladies better and 
The final point I wanted to make is for you not to worry about your friendships.  It’s quite natural for your group of friends to get smaller as you get older, so don’t fret about this. The main thing is to work on the friendships you do have, any new friends you find along the way are a huge bonus! 
Let me know what you think about this topic, have you found it hard to make friends in your 20s? Anyone think there should be a Tinder for friends?

2 responses to “Friendship In Your Late 20s”

  1. Isabelle Hardy says:

    I totally feel this post! I have lived in Paris and Barcelona as well as England during my twenties and it can be hard to meet people in new cities and keep up friendships back home! x

  2. Queen Beady says:

    I have blogging to thank for all the amazing people it has brought in to my life, people I speak more to than those I've known for years! It's crazy but I wouldn't change it for the world!
    Bee xxx

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