How To Get The Perfect Tan


How To Get The Perfect Tan

I have a confession to make. I got all the way into my late 20s and I’d never had a spray tan. In all honesty it kind of always terrified me. I had a vision of coming out looking like the nana from Benidorm.
I was lucky enough to have the VIP tanner from Vita Liberata popping my spray tan cherry. I remarked to her how funny it is to just meet someone and then get completely naked in front of them apart from some paper knickers. She told me it’s not the most she had seen…. Poor lady! I went for the medium tan as I didn’t want to go to dark for my first time. I was so surprised with the colour I was left with the next day. No tango for me. I looked like I’d been on a two week holiday. 
I’ve been trying out some of their tanning products for the last few weeks. I’ve been on the search for something that doesn’t leave streaks for what seems like FOREVER! Also I was looking for products that don’t leave you smelling like a stale biscuit barrel. One of my favourites for a long lasting tan has to be the moose – I apply this a couple of times a week to give myself a natural glow. Are you looking for a product that gives gives you that glow without all the prep? Body Blur is your saviour! I use a little of this with my normal foundation to give my skin a little glow. Need to wear a dress but haven’t tanned your legs? This is the product for you, no streaks just super glowy legs. 
I thought I’d note down my top 5 tips for achieving a perfect tan (from a novice):
1. Invest in some exfoliating mitts 
Make sure you exfoliate ‘dat body! This is the key to a perfect tan, exfoliate in circular motions all over your body. 
2. Use a tanning mitt 
This is key, unless you want your hands to look like you’ve been making mud pies. You can see girls who’ve been too impatient and just used their hands.
3. How you apply is so important
Using your mitt apply your tan in circular motions making sure you don’t miss anywhere. Use a smaller amount for places like elbows, hands, knees and face. 
4. Leave a gap between uses
Don’t over do it for gods sake! The key to a natural looking tan is keeping it subtle and building on it. 
5. Don’t leave your tanning to the day of your event
Plan in your tanning time, you don’t want to do your tanning the day before your event just in case you do get a dreaded streak. Also it needs time to develop.



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  1. Caroline says:

    I was mid twenties when I had my first spray tan, after deciding I needed to ditch the sunbeams, but also a friend was getting
    I deffo need to remember some of these tips though.. I do remember to exfoliate, however, I should really use a mitt and am thinking to try a moose..


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