How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

The other week I attended a ‘Bloggers Brunch’ at the lovely Banyan in Leeds. Jaywing PR wanted to get a whole group of local bloggers together to have food, a natter and of course learn something. There were a few talks through out the day. The first was about working with PR companies, lots of bloggers found this really helpful. My day job is PR and Social Manager so it wasn’t as eye opening for me, but the talk started off some great discussions. Next we had a SEO talk, which had some quick tips and tricks to help out people who are new to blogging. Personally I would of liked this talk to me a little more in depth, there just wasn’t enough time. 
Highlight of the day for me was the presentation Hannah Gale did on being a full time blogger. I’ve being reading Hannah’s blog for a while and really admire the honesty she puts into her blog posts. 
I love hearing about Hannah’s success with her blog, for me she is a break from the blogging ‘norm.’ Currently I have no interest in making my blog my full time job but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make a success out of it. Lately I’ve been trying to make the blog more ‘me’ – writing about what interests me and not putting too much pressure on myself to just post anything.
Here are a few of Hannah’s tips for taking your blog full time:
 I have to agree with everything she highlighted above. Especially putting yourself in the reader’s shoes, think about what you want them to take away from your blog post. And don’t forget to have fun with your blog and enjoy curating your content!

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4 responses to “How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level”

  1. Queen Beady says:

    I had such a good day with all my gals! So interesting to hear from Hannah about making her blog a success!
    Bee |

  2. Caroline says:

    It was a lovely day and so nice to meet some new people and catch up with with some old. 🙂
    The tips were great, I enjoyed the talks, I think they were just right, as i wasn't quite prepared for the seating plan (I wasn't comfy turned round) and was I did enjoy Hannah's talk though.. She's such a personality. 🙂
    I too, came away feeling really inspired. I know it's not all about the design of the blog, but I'm happier with my recent layout changes and rebrand. I've limited myself to two posts a week, which I know isn't a lot, but it allows me to schedule and therefore plan and get the quality right. Which I'm happier about also. 🙂


  3. Hayley Rubery says:

    Ah this sounds like a LOVELY day! I'm the biggest fan of Hannah's blog – completely agree with all of her tips, she's fab!

    Hayley xo

  4. Lizzie Schofield says:

    Sounds like a really great, interesting day! Thanks for sharing some of the tips you learnt 🙂

    the Butter

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