Getting Fit When You’re Not Good At It

The other week I went along with my lovely friend Lauren to try out the new Barrecore class above Sweaty Betty in the Victoria Quarter. We were given some socks with grips on the bottom to wear and of course to keep hydrated a Sweaty Betty water bottle. I have to tell you this class is hard. It works all of those muscles you never knew that you had. The class is all about small movements with lots of reps to build and sculpt your muscle. In the class you also incorporated a set of 1.5kg weights, a fitness strap and a ball. One of these exercises sees you squeeze the ball in between your thighs whilst touching the bar and doing squats. Did I mention it was hard
You can really feel that ‘burn’ and it can be a struggle to get to the end of the cycle of reps. The instructors are really encouraging though and push you to do the best you can. 
The classes themselves are £20 a pop, which seems expensive but if you’d rather pay for a few of these classes then a traditional gym membership I don’t think it’s too bad. If you did two of these classes a week, along with some more traditional cardio you’d be in shape in no time at all. I’m definitely going to be trying Barrecore again soon. I’ve put together some top tips below for those who find getting fit a chore…
1. Go With A Friend
I’m not saying you always have to go along with someone but if you find exercise intimidating then it’s nice to have someone there. You can cheer each other along. There is also the added pressure of not being able to back out of a gym session as you are letting your friend down. Sounds a little harsh but these are the kind of things that can help you get your ass out of the door and to the next class. 
2. You Don’t Have To Use The Traditional Gym
I’ve never been a fan of the gym which is why I tend to stick to classes. I find them much easier to manage, as I know I have to be there for an hour and so I give it my all for that hour. If you rather do an hour at Bodypump than standing in the free weights area then don’t worry, you don’t have to be a gym bunny to get fit. Pick out classes that work for you, this leads me on to my next point…
3. Do Something You Enjoy
There is no point booking yourself in for classes that you don’t enjoy or find too hard. Soon you’ll be making excuses not to go and skipping said classes. I’ve found quite a few that work for me; Zumba, Body Pump, Spin and Barrecore. These are all tough classes but I’m not constantly looking at the clock to see when I can get the hell out of there. 

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  1. Queen Beady says:

    Look at you super gorgeous gals! I would have so loved to have come but I was shaking my booty in Liverpool. It looks so much fun though.
    Bee |

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