Finding The Right Glasses For You

Finding The Right Glasses For You
Any fellow glasses wearers out there? Does anyone find it as hard as me to find new frames to suit your face? It seems to be a real battle for me. I wear them all the time so they have got to look right on my face. It’s like they are a part of it, so they need to sit right. 
I tend to go for bigger frames, I’ve been there and done that with skinny style glasses over the years and they just don’t suit me. I like to be able to see my eyes, I think some people might think a bigger frame is distracting but I find the opposite you can actually see more of my face. I went for these glasses from Bailey Nelson – something I little different to my previous black pair. The shape of this style actually draws attention to my eyes.
Here are my top tips for finding the right pair of glasses for you:
1. Try Them All On
It might sound weird but I used to kind of rush the whole experience and would sometimes end up with a pair that I didn’t love. Take your time with the process, try all the ones on that catch your eye. Then just keep trying them until you narrow it down to a couple of pairs…

2. Send a picture to a family member or a friend
Once you have your shortlist of frames take a couple of snaps of you wearing the glasses. Getting some more opinions will help you to know you made the right choice. I did this with the two pairs I had and sent the picture to my ‘blogger whatsapp group’ – it sounds strange but they know what it’s like to take pictures of themselves. So with this logic they would tell me the ones that they suited me the most. They all agreed on the above pair FYI.
3. Know Your Face Shape
It helps to know your face shape when picking out glasses as you can avoid certain styles. I’ve learnt that more round styles don’t look right on me, so I don’t even bother trying them on. Having a little knowledge about what suits you prior to picking something else will make the whole process a little less painful. 

3 responses to “Finding The Right Glasses For You”

  1. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds says:

    Yep, we all agreed that those babies were the ones for you 🙂

    You look fab xxx

  2. So glad you went with these ones, they look great!

    Lauren x

  3. I take hours picking new glasses, trying on every single pair in the store haha definitely the way to find the perfect pair though!
    Love Lucinda xx

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