How to Be Happy with Neom Organics

scent to make you happy with Neom Organics

I was really happy when I heard Neom were opening a store in Leeds. I’d heard so much about them but I had never tried any of their products. I popped down to the opening of the store and spoke to the staff. There is a scent test that you have to try while you are there which determines which of their ranges you should go for. You can choose between: scent to sleep, scent to de-stress, scent to boost your energy, scent to make you happy and their scent to calm & relax. I think unsurprisingly for me the ‘scent to make you happy” was the one I had an affinity for. 
When it gets to the winter months I’ve always found it a struggle to stay positive. Neom were kind enough to gift these products from their happy range to try out. I can’t rave enough about essential oils for a more positive outlook on life. I use quite a lot of oil based products now which do have an effect on my mood. Neom recommends using their products and taking the time out to inhale the scent. Even with something as simple as the body and hand wash – my mood feels instantly up lifted. 
I thought I’d put together a little list of things to make you happy. Maybe you could share some of your own tips below? 

1. Writing Down Your Thoughts
Life in general can be pretty over whelming. Have any of your ever been to bed on a night but can’t switch off because you’re going over your to-do list for the next day? Me too. A way to get around this is to write everything down. If I’m ever feeling too overwhelmed I pick up a notebook at the side of my bed and write everything down. Something about planning takes me to my happy place, anyone else? 
2. Carrying Around Products You Associate With Happiness
Neom’s mood lifting pulse point rollerball is the perfect thing to carry in your bag, I use it at home to lift my mood. So when I’m out and about but need a pick me up I reach for this to remind me of home. It’s where you feel happiest right?  

3. Take Time Out To Do Something You Love
It’s easy to get carried away with work, friends and family. But make sure you take the time out to do something for yourself. It could be a nice long bath with candles, watching your favourite film or baking. Making sure you take time out for yourself it will help you be happier in the long run and a better person to hang out with (haha)! 

6 responses to “How to Be Happy with Neom Organics”

  1. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds says:

    Lovely post Laura. Think we all need a bit more happiness in these cold days! Such a gorgeous fragrance from NEOM too xx

  2. Frock Me I'm Famous says:

    Love this post lady – some fab tips! I adore NEOM products, my favourite thing is to burn one of their candles whilst reading a good book and having some down time!

    Hayley xo

  3. Laura. says:

    I agree – and we should all spread a little happiness too!

  4. Laura. says:

    Thanks lovely. Omg that sounds like some really good me time!

  5. Great tips Laura, I've not heard of the roller ball so think I may need to invest.

    Lauren x

  6. LucindaKate says:

    Love these tips Laura! Determined to spend more time focusing on mental health this year so this is a fab place to start! xx

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