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The wonderful Anna only came into my life at the end of last year and we’ve been friends ever since. Not only does she run a kick ass blog but she also runs a creative consultancy business that pair digital influencers with premium brands. I caught up with her for a quick Q&A.

Introduce yourself and what you do…

I’m Anna Hart, I run One Roof Social by day, and my blog South Molton St Style by night. 

What steps did you take to secure your dream career?

When I started my blog I worked in a very corporate 9 to 5. The change wasn’t a conscious decision, I just found myself enjoying the social media world more and more – so started to gear my role, and my subsequent job search in that direction. I always knew I wanted to run my own business so made the active decision to work for start ups, starting with a small incubator in Shoreditch right the way through to e-tailers (Vestiaire Collective) who were then purchased by Conde Nast. It was an amazing experience; I did everything from coffee runs, frantic googles of things like “SEO” or “affiliates” right through to writing major partnership and commercial plans. 

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue the same career?

Persevere, it takes patience. There was one point when I was in my last job that I just knew I wanted out, but that it wasn’t the time to go. At that time I wrote a list of what skills, experience and contacts I still needed to start by myself and made sure that I was working towards one of those things, even if in a teeny capacity, at all times. It made the wait a lot more worthwhile, and meant when I opened doors of my own business I had my first client-load ready to go – and knew how to deal with it. 

What has been your proudest moment at work to date? (It could be past or present job)

Probably when we had a major household name proactively approach us to work with them. It’s happened a few times and never stops feeling good. The idea that companies like that sit around a table and collectively discuss my business is just so amazing. I’m very aware that the social media world is overcrowded so whenever I’m picked out (either as a blogger or for One Roof Social) I feel very, very lucky. 

Who or what inspires you?

My gang. It’s taken some doing but I have the best friends in the world. My girls have grown some of the most amazing businesses in the market, or have grown themselves amazing jobs in their industries – some have really weathered the storm to get there. I’m so grateful to have a group of people I can say “this week has been awful, wine?” or “I literally have no idea how to do this, can you help me?” to. 
If you can’t be naked in front of a friend, are they really a friend? I mean that both in the literal sense, and also in the way of being able to really show your weaknesses and fears. My boyfriend is incredibly helpful too as he also runs a start up. He’s brilliant at all the stuff I’m hopeless at; strategy and operations. It drives me crazy but he’s always right when he knocks down an idea or an approach I’ve got. I value his opinion over everyone else, not that I’d ever admit it.

Last book you read…

The Glitter Guide. It’s an autobiography about the founders of Juicy Couture. I was recommended it and initially thought it would be awful, mainly as the brand isn’t really my thing. However, it gives some brilliant, honest business advice. 

Last album you listened to…

I have the worst taste in music on the planet. It was probably *NSYNC or something equally awful… Actually no it was Ed Sheeran. My worst fear is someone putting my Spotify playlists on in the office. In fact thats one of the reasons I set up a business, to have the power to stop that ever happening… 


Look after your tribe, and let them look after you.

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  1. S, x says:

    Love this series and Anna is very inspiring xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  2. I'd not heard of Anna before this post, she's definitely a #GirlBoss

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