Being Thankful


There seems to be a lot of focus on the negatives in life. I am really guilty of it, the what ifs and the why am I not doing that? If you have a tendency to slip into those negative thoughts I’ve got a few tips to keep you on the up and up. 
1. Tell Yourself
This sounds a little weird but you know that moment where you are staring in the mirror at yourself while brushing your teeth? Look at your reflection and think of something about yourself that you are grateful for. We all focus on the things we want to change, but what do you like about you? 
2. Be Thankful For Your Family, Friends and Colleagues
Making time for friends on top of other commitments can often seem hard but it really is important. Even if you don’t seem them often make sure you drop them a line and let them know you are still thinking of them. These are the people who pick you up in times of need. I love buying little gifts for friends to show them my gratitude and seeing a friends face at the sight of a bunch of flowers will make your day.

3. Write Down What Your Thankful For
Are you someone who tends to stew on the negative elements of your day? Writing down the positives could really help – keep a notepad and pen at the side of your bed and write down what you’re grateful for that day, no matter how small. Remember, everyday may not be good but there is some good in everyday.
3. Being Thankful Is Scientifically Good For You
A study looking at gratitude, by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., at the University of California at Davis and his colleague Mike McCullough at the University of Miami, split participants into three groups. The first group had to keep a weekly journal of things they are thankful for, the second had to write about the negatives of the past week and the last group were asked to write about the past week but weren’t given any guidance on wether it should be positive or negative. 
They found that people who practiced writing down what they were thankful for were 25% happier than the negative group. They also reported less health complaints. I can’t believe I just put a full reference in this post, have I stepped back in time to University days….

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  1. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds says:

    So so true. I'm trying to focus on positives more too. I'm definitely guilty of dwelling on negatives. Love the jumper btw. xx

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