Nostalgia at Showcase Cinemas

The cinema has always been somewhat of a treat. I remember really looking forward to a trip to the cinema as a kid. I’d love to pick out the perfect snacks before I took my seat. There was something about the feeling of excitement before the lights went down that I really looked forward to. I’d be full of the buzz of the film afterwards too which is part of what I love about visiting the cinema now. 

When Showcase got in touch with me about visiting my local cinema, I of course jumped at the chance. My boyfriend and I are massively into films, we spend most of our evenings watching films or catching up on our favourite TV shows. My local Showcase cinema is a De Lux which means that every single screen is kitted out with reclining lazy boy chairs, not only that but the next row is so far away from you that fears of chair kicking are left behind. There is something about settling into a big leather lazy boy that makes your cinema trip even more special. I don’t really like to go to any other cinemas now after being spoilt by the Showcase. Snack of choice? Always salted popcorn (I’m not a sweet person) and because I’m a kid at heart a Tango Ice Blast. What do you go for? 
We went to see Logan, it’s no secret that I’m a massive comic book movie fan and the film certainly didn’t disappoint. It was Hugh Jackman’s final hurrah as the character Wolverine and was probably one of his best interpretations in my opinion. It felt like a much more real movie than the previous X-Men extravaganzas which saw the characters deal with serious issues like alcoholism and dementia. What films have you been to see lately?


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  1. Busitchka says:

    omg Cronos *-* I love this movie since I was 9 😀

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