5 Things To Make You Feel Good

5 Things To Make You Feel Good

I’m not sure if you’re all aware but this week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek – this weeks aims to shine a light on mental illness and banish any myths and stigma surrounding it. I’m sure we’ve all known someone who has had something difficult to deal with or even been effected by mental health in some way ourselves.

I have struggled in the past with anxiety and panic attacks, mine were linked to a particular traumatic event and although the worst of it is now over I still deal with the aftermath of this time of my life everyday. Thinking about this, I’m not sure I ever shared my experiences on my blog. I guess it can be quite hard to talk about, but in an effort to raise more awareness I thought I’d be completely open and honest. 
I’m not trying to make light of something that can be crippling and effect every aspect of your life. However I wanted to but together a few little tips that help me when I’m feeling like things are getting on top of me. 

1. Put Your Phone Down and Watch Your Favourite Show

It might feel like something quite simple but putting your phone down and taking some time for yourself can have a really positive effect on your mood. With blogging and social media I could spend hours and hours mindlessly scrolling through content – of people’s lives that appear to be shiny and happy (I’m aware this is the best version of themselves). This doesn’t do wonders for my mental health, so I take a break and turn my attention to Netflix or Now TV. At the moment I’m watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race and I’ve started Sex and the City from the beginning. 

2. See Your Friends

It can be so easy to stay in and hibernate when you aren’t feeling your best. I’ve found that these are the times I need to be surrounded with some form of normality. And so I make an effort to go out for dinner with friends. There is no better way to lift your spirits than a night of laughing with your friends over good food and wine.

3. A (Good) Cup Of Tea

I know that tea doesn’t actually cure everything but there is something about a warm drink after a hard stressful day that feels so good. I like to have a moment of quiet, where I clear my mind and just pay attention to my brew. It’s my version of mindfulness… 

4. Compliment Other People

One way to put an instant smile on my face is the feeling I get after complimenting someone. It can be so easy to think about your own problems. Stepping outside of this and offering a kind word to someone can not only make them feel good but smiles are infectious and you’ll soon find one spreading across your face too. 

5. Go Outdoors

This is a weird one coming from me as I’m not an outdoors person but I think one of the best things to lift my mood is to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Especially if the sun is shining, the wonders of fresh air and taking a break is an instant injection of happy for me. 

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