A Mini Guide To Amsterdam


A Mini Guide To Amsterdam

The other week I visited Amsterdam for the first time. I’d heard a lot about the city and was keen to explore. Amsterdam definitely has a certain charm about it and man does it have a lot of amazing places to eat. I’ve just uploaded all my pictures from the trip and realised I really didn’t take enough, sometimes you are having so much fun you just forget right?

A Mini Guide To Amsterdam
If you are looking for pancakes in the city head over to Mook, they were absolutely incredible. Don’t be put off if there is a line outside to get in, the line goes down quickly and they really are worth the wait. I went for strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup and coconut on mine. They also do lots of fresh juices which are great if you had a heavy one the night before. 

Teds All Day Brunch was another great find during our trip, I went for this rather lovely roasted vegetable sandwich and it was delicious. The interiors in here are total goals. Think plush velvet seating and some great signage. If you are planning to go at prime brunch time though be prepared to wait a little. 
On the last day we visited the Artis Zoo which was amazing. There are a whole variety of different animals from lions to penguins. You can spend a couple of hours in here just wandering around.
It was nice to see that the Zoo are investing money from visitors into the park too. While we were there we saw that they were expanding the Elephant enclosure to give them way more room to roam. Look at the little guy below, I watched him for ages he was so cute!

I didn’t take many pictures inside for obvious reasons but the Rijks Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Amsterdam. You will find The Night Watch by Rembrandt there, something to tick of the list of must-sees.

Another thing you have to do while your there is a canal cruise. There are loads of them to choose from so it just depends what you want out of it. We jumped on an hour cruise which gave us plenty of time to take in all of the sights. Word of warning though, if you don’t go in the summer months you need to wrap up warm. I think next time it might be nice to try one at night.

If you’re visiting with kids the Science Center NEMO is the perfect place to take them. It’s got loads of exhibitions to keep them entertained – they even get the chance to try on a lab coat.

Another tip for while you are there is to make sure you get yourself a tram pass – a ticket for 48 hours costs 12.50. It’s the most cost effective way to get around the city.


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  1. I've visited Amsterdam a couple of times and wasn't aware there was a zoo there, I must head back and visit soon 🙂

    Lauren xxx bylaurenjane

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