5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship

5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship
One of the main things people have often admired about me is how ‘I don’t care what people think.’  It’s true I didn’t really spend my teenage years too concerned with what people thought of me which was pretty freeing. 

However I have to admit that when it comes to friendships, I’ve put up with things that I shouldn’t. If this was a romantic relationship you’d break up with them immediately but I’ve found it’s harder to cut bad friends out of your life. There are 5 things I think show that you should move on from a friendship. 
1. You Do All The Chasing
Now I’m not talking about your friends just been busy here. We are all guilty of not making plans because we get too caught up with daily life. But if you have to make all the effort EVERY time you have to question why? Don’t reply to your messages? Don’t have time for that. 

2. They Always Cancel Your Plans
Things happen, plans sometimes have to be cancelled. But if its getting to be a trend, you have to ask yourself why? Are they interested in seeing you, should you be giving up your time and effort?

3. They Don’t Cheer When You Do Well
This is a big one. If you’re friends are not cheering for you then they are simply not the friend you deserve. Equally, its a two way street. Just got a promotion? Send them some flowers, let them know you’re proud. If they aren’t a good friend they can act like you doing well is competition for them and try to ‘one up’ you. Just no.

4. It’s All About Them
We all have friends that like to talk a lot but this isn’t who I’m talking about here. This friend is only interested in talking about themselves. You’ll find by the end of your catch up you’re exhausted from listening and they actually never asked how you are.

5. They Put You Down
I don’t mean outright nasty comments here. These tend to be more sly and are meant to keep you ‘in your place.’ You know those back hand compliments that are meant to make you question yourself?

I thought I’d leave you with some quotes about friendship, I have some amazing friends in my life and these are dedicated to them.

‘Notice the people who make an effort to stay in your life.’

‘Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word.’

‘Good friends are like stars. You don’t always seem them, but you know they are there.’

Photography Matt McCormick


5 responses to “5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship”

  1. Ellenor Marie says:

    Beautiful post! I totes agree with what you're saying- now I just need to put this in practice!


  2. bylaurenjane says:

    Love this post Laura. I still remember an article which said to have a clear out of friends each year, those who don't bring anything to your life – get rid. I live by this now 🙂 It's taken me a long time to find non-toxic friends, you and the girls <3

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

  3. Anastasia says:

    Spot on post thanks for sharing Laura.

    In my case the occasion where they find a new partner and stop caring about you also applies. One of my best friends of years stopped talking to me all of the sudden and without any reason after she found a new boyfriend – so disappointing!

    Also No.3, how very true!

    Anastasia x

    • aforteforfashion says:

      It can be so heart breaking can’t it? But you have to learnt o do what is best for you!

  4. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds says:

    Great post. Could not agree more!!!

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