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Clearing Out My Wardrobe With Mercari

Clearing Out My Wardrobe With Mercari

I've promised myself that this is the year I'll actually get a handle on my wardrobe. You know how it is, things can get a little out of hand when you have a shopping habit. My boyfriend is not pleased with the amount of clothes and shoes that live in various places around the house.

If you follow my 5 tips for clearing out your wardrobe, you should be left with a little pile to sell on. Make sure you concentrate on items which have real re-sell value. I have to be honest, the thought of listing things online to sell fills me with dread. I usually leave it until a Sunday afternoon and by the time it rolls around I do a few and give up.

This is where Mercari shines. It started in Japan in 2013 and fast became the number one marketplace in Japan. The app is now moving into Europe starting with the UK and I was asked to give it a try. I thought it was fitting that I mentioned a few Marie Kondo quotes through out this post to get you in the mood to tidy. The less clutter I have in my life the less anxious I am. 

'Being surrounded by things that bring joy makes you happy.'

Clearing Out My Wardrobe With Mercari

The great thing about Mercari is how easy it is to upload an item. You can take pictures on your phone, select sell, upload your pictures and fill in the description/costs and away you go. As simple as that. I like to take really clear pictures of the overall item and then I focus on any details it might have. In the description I add a sentence about what to wear it with, in the hopes it inspires someone to buy it.

Make sure you factor in the postage when you fill in the cost, as this is all rolled in together. Uploading like this means there is no bidding process, people can make you an offer but you don't have to accept. Another big plus for sellers is that you keep 100% of the money you make on your items. Fee-free! No dreaded bill at the end of the month. I've also been using it to find items I might like to add to my wardrobe (more on that soon) - you can save searches and set up notifications which means you won't miss out on that must have piece. 

'Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.'

This post is sponsored by Mercari.

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  1. This sounds great! I have tons of clothes I need to get rid of x

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