A Guide To Curating A Vinyl Collection

I’m sure you would of noticed by now that vinyl has made a massive resurgence. They’ve even started to sell them in supermarkets now! I thought I’d put together a little guide about how you can curate a collection that you will love.

Make A List

Sit down and think about what you would like to own on vinyl. For me it was a hit list of my top 10 albums (still working on it). It gives you a focus and means you don’t end up owning things you don’t love. Obviously you have to have somewhere suitable to store your vinyl and they can take up quite a bit of room. Why give something space if you aren’t going to listen to it?

Charity Shops

I’ve found some of my best bargain vinyls in the local charity shops. They aren’t always the best at organising them, which makes it a little difficult to sift through. More often than not I’ll be found crouched on the floor doing my best to look at each cover as quickly as possible. I’d encourage you to persevere though. I’ve found some of my favourite vinyls in charity shops. Micheal Jackson’s Thiller, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours amongst others. 

Check the Attic 

Some of my collection has been handed down to me from my parents. When everyone moved onto CDs the vinyls were packed away, so it really is worth asking family and friends if they have a hidden collection for you to have a look through. We’ve scored Blondie Parallel Lines and some Police records so far. 

Car Boots/Record Fairs 

Just like buying from a charity shop, it can be a bit of a gamble buying from a car boot or fair. Vinyl can be pretty susceptible to scratches and you’re taking a risk when buying second hand. Check the record before you but it to check for any obvious scratches. 
Keep an eye out for any local events going on, it’s worth getting down there early to get your pick of the vinyl. If you have your phone on hand you can check the current rate for the record you’re trying to buy, it gives you a little bartering room. 

2 responses to “A Guide To Curating A Vinyl Collection”

  1. I've been considering vinyl and getting a record player recently. Yours is gorgeous, definitely enabling me Laura.

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

  2. Ellenor Marie says:

    Great tips gorgeous. I'm looking to increase my vinyl collection so I'll certainly be keeping these in mind.


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