Ditching My Frames For The First Time with Specsavers

Contact Lenses Specsavers

As part of my things to do before I’m 30 – I’m here with the first thing I’ve tried. Contact lenses. Not wearing glasses for the past week has been weird. At first I felt like something was missing. My glasses are part of my outfit, so every time I left the house I felt that I’d forgotten something. 

When I started to think of trying contacts I knew there was only one place I’d trust. Specsavers. I visited the Albion Street Store in Leeds. I’ve been visiting them on and off since I first started wearing glasses at the age of three. I always go back to them because they are very knowledgable and you always feel like you’re in good hands. I had a lot of questions for them but they were super patient with me and put my mind at ease.
Contact Lenses Specsavers
The main thing I was worried about was how I would be the first time I tried to put them in and take them out. How it works is, after your initial appointment with the optician you come back for a ‘teach’. This is where a contact lens expert sits with you and gives you a walk through of how to get your lens in and out. All in all I had three teach lessons. Mainly because my right eye is slightly drier so my lens kept getting stuck. But by my third ‘teach’ I was super confident and didn’t have any issues at all. They say that they need to see you put the lens in and take it out three times before they let you go home with them. This avoids any middle of night panics when you can’t get them out and you think they might just be stuck in your eye ball forever.
The optician then checks that the lenses sit right in your eye and your overall eye health. You are then sent off for a week to try them out. After this trial period you are back in to check how you are getting on. This might sound like a lot of appointments but as someone who was quite nervous about trying them in the first place all this contact with Specsavers put my mind at ease. 
It’s going to take some getting used to – I’ve had some amazing glasses over the years and my glasses also feature in my blog logo. I don’t see myself ever not wearing them but it’s nice to have the option, so when I spend an hour doing my eye make-up for a night out it doesn’t have to be covered up by frames. I also have to get used to applying a little more concealer on the old under eye bags (😂!) – it’s a miracle what a pair of frames can cover up.

So this is me sans glasses, what do you think? Have you tried contact lenses before? 

I was given a 2 month supply of contact lenses from Specsavers but all opinions are completely honest.

Contact Lenses SpecsaversContact Lenses Specsavers

Contact Lenses Specsavers
Photography by Matt McCormick


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  1. Ellenor Marie says:

    Yes queen!!! You look gorgeous sweetie, I adore that coat!!


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