3 New Beauty Brands I’m Loving Right Now


new beauty brands

I thought I’d share a few new beauty brands I’ve been loving recently in the hopes you find something that you might want to try. I’m such a sucker for posts like this on other blogs, which makes me the perfect consumer.

myroo beauty


Founded by skincare expert Rachel Dunseath, Myroo is a completely natural, organic and vegan. They also offer fragrance free versions of every product which is great for those of you out there that are allergic to fragrance. Not only that but they are also free from all 14 food allergens plus they don’t use any parabens etc Based in my beloved Yorkshire I couldn’t not give them a shout out in this post and I LOVE trying new skincare. Their packaging is really cute and would make any bathroom shelf a little more stylish with their presence.


isle of paradise tanning water

Isle of Paradise

Isle of Paradise is a new favourite tanning product of mine, started by celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep. The brand is 100% vegan, cruelty free and organic. It ticks all those boxes. Not only that but none of that ‘biscuit’ smell. I’ve also had zero transfer onto my clothes, sheets, other people (just kidding). You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram already. Believe the hype this is good! Next on my list is the Tanning Drops which I’ll be adding to my foundation over the summer months.


beglow cleansing brush


I’ve never had an electronic cleansing device but BeGlow got me a little bit curious. Their beauty devices can be used morning and night due to their lower sonic frequency compared to other rival products. I’ll be honest I probably wouldn’t have thought to use something like this after a certain CH’s blog post, but I’ve being having a few issues with my skin lately so I wanted to try something new. This is their PURA which is a lovely size, perfect for taking away with you. It even comes with a little pouch. It promises to shift dirt and residue on the skin and will leave you skin looking its best. I’m going to report back when I’ve had a chance to use this more…




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