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5 Small Things To Lift Your Spirits


5 Small Things To Lift Your Spirits

Life. oh Life…. sometimes there doesn’t seem to be anything that could get you out of that funk. If I feel myself falling into that hole I find there are a few simple things that can help to lift my spirits.



Whenever I want to feel better instantly, I always get myself a lovely bunch of flowers. There is something about the ritual of bringing them home, unwrapping and putting them in my favourite vase that instantly lifts my mood.


I have a little ritual on a Sunday afternoon (when I have work on a Monday) where i make myself a pot of mint tea and settle down on the sofa to read. Books give me a chance to escape the ‘real world’ for a little while and forget about house chores.

Listening To Your Favourite Album

I’ve slowly being buying my favourite albums on vinyl, so I’ve got a modest collection at the moment. There is something about putting on music you love and singing along to all the words like nobody is listening. Things could be quite manic in your life but your favourite album is always there to soothe your soul.

Calling A Friend

There is nothing like hearing from friends to cheer you right up and if this phone call leads to last minute plans even better. My friends always know what to say to cheer me up, I’m sure you’ve got someone in mind that you could call to put a smile on your face.


I’ve being seeing a PT for much of this year and this is probably the strongest/fittest I’ve felt in a while. I’ve currently lost a grand total of 3 inches off of my waist, it’s taken me a while but I’m super chuffed with my progress. If I’ve had a particularly stressful day exercise always seems to give me those endorphins and lift my spirits.




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  1. Love this shirt on you and yas to the fresh flowers! Always makes me feel awesome!


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