May Goals


may goals

So this has officially become a thing now. Having my goals written down really gives me the drive to actually do something about them. I thought maybe I’d catch you up on how I was getting on with April’s goals and then set some new ones for May.

Update on April’s Goals

    1. Kitchen Renovations – Well we officially started thinking about it at the end of April but right now I’m sat upstairs unable to go in my kitchen because I’m having to wait for the new concrete on the floor to set. We should have a whole new floor by the end of the week. Next week we move on to work tops and tiling. Really excited to have a kitchen that I’m proud of. I spend a lot of time in there so it only makes sense that I have it just the way I want it.
    2. Reading – I haven’t really made much progress with this as i’ve been doing lots on the blog this month. I did start book three which is The Power by Naomi Alderman. I’m hoping I can finish this book and start another this month. Wish me luck!
    3. De-cluttering – Kind of ironic as I gave three bags of clothing away to charity and I’ve sold some things on eBay. However because of renovations and needing to sort the remaining clothes out, I’m sat in a pretty messy spare bedroom right now. I’ll have to try and tackle this at some point but it’s not going to be easy…
    4. Instagram Project – I’m pretty pleased to say I actually did get this off of the ground. The My Wardrobe Month instagram is live and the first set of themes for this month are up. I’d love it if you would follow the account and join in. There are some amazing prizes to be won. This account is all about elevating other people, so the bigger the account grows the better.

May Goals

1. Recover – So the day I started writing this post I had a trip to A&E. When I was in Barcelona for my friends hen do, I hit my foot on a rock in the sea and it was pretty painful to walk on. I thought I better get this checked out and found out I’d broken one of the metatarsals in my foot. I’m now in a boot and on crutches. Which by the way are the hardest things to get around on.

2. Launch a Newsletter – I’m just adding more and more work to my list but I’d really like to launch a newsletter by the end of May. I’ve already started putting it together. My challenge for this month is to get my subscribers so I actually have someone to send it to.

3. Book a holiday – I really need to get away once this foot has healed. I’m thinking somewhere hot, with Aperol Sprtiz and where I can lie down a lot. I need a holiday that is uneventful this time!

I’m only going to give myself 3 goals this month as I’m not really going to be able to get around. Wish me luck and let me know what yours are below.


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