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june blogger goals

I know everyone has being saying it but how the hell is it June already?! I feel like I’ve blinked and missed the first half of the year. Not going to lie, it was the shitty half of 2018 so I’m hoping that the rest of the year is a little more positive.

Update on May Goals

1. Recover – Still recovering. I’m not due back at the hospital until the 12th June, so currently still in a boot and on crutches. I’ve being going slightly stir crazy spending so much time at home. And even though I’ve been at home I haven’t had a lot of motivation to do anything, as things take 3 times as long to do. It’s safe to say I can’t wait to be back walking on two feet again.

2. Launch a Newsletter – Referring you to my previous goal, I’ve had no motivation. I started to put the overall look and feel together but that’s about as far as I got. I’m hoping that this month I can start to build a subscriber list and see where I go from there.

3. Book a holiday – haven’t managed to book a holiday due to not knowing where I’ll be out of this thing. It’s mine and my boyfriends 30th this year though so we need a break away! This is an on-going goal.

June Goals

1. Update on Kitchen Renovations – My kitchen is almost complete now, it just has a few more finishing touches. The rest of the stuff that needs completing are little jobs like touching up paint etc once this is all done I’ll be doing a big reveal post on my blog and breaking down all the costs for you. Anyway that wants an update but doesn’t want to spend the earth? This one will be for you.

2. What’s going on with my skin? – After being on the pill for nearly half of my life I made the decision in January 2017 to try and be hormone free. (The fake kind) For the first 10 months I’d say kings were ok, but after that time (I’m guessing when the hormones were completely gone) my skin exploded and it hasn’t settled down since. I’m ashamed to say it but it really does effect my overall mood, I hate seeing those angry red spots. I’m going to go to the Drs this month and see if they have any suggestions. To be it seems like I’ll have to go back on the pill to clear my skin up…. anyone got any suggestions out there?

3. Back To The Gym – Of course with my broken foot I’ve been unable to go to the gym which has annoyed me more than I thought. For the past 3 or 4 months I’ve been seeing a Personal Trainer and this has led to some really great results which I’m really proud of. I’m hoping after i get my boot off mid-june I can get straight back to the gym. Might have to lay off the cardio though!


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  1. Can’t wait for you to be 100% again. Will definitely be signing up to your newsletter too.

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

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