What Happens on a Blogger Shoot


yellow topshop blouse

The idea for this post came to me while I was reading some of my favourite blogs. I’m always quick to consume the images attached to their post and then I spend more time on the words. We consume a lot of content though; blogs, instagram etc but do you know what goes through our minds while we are out in public shooting?

leeds fashion bloggerYou kind of have to ignore everyone else around you. You’ll get quite a few odd looks, especially when you do that ‘oh look at me casually stepping off the curb’ look. Sometimes people will stop and ask to be in the picture with you. True story. I’ve got a little folder of people who have jumped in my shots. Or you have the other group of people who stand and watch a while, who then proceed to ask what you are doing. We spend a lot of the time waiting for members of the public to get out of my shots. No you’re florescent backpack doesn’t look good in the background. Sorry.

You will also always get someone who believes they are being super helpful. ‘Do you want me to take a picture of both of you?’ Me looking super awkward, ‘oh no he’s just taking pictures of me.’

I’m very clumsy, so a lot of the time as I’m trying to walk in ‘slow-motion‘, I’m also trying not to fall over. Oh and remembering to not look like I want to kill someone in every shot, the curse of the resting bitch face. The struggle is real.

It’s so glamorous too. Changing in whatever toilet is nearby or sitting on the floor to change your shoes. Not recommend when it’s been raining.

This post may or may not of been a little bit tongue in cheek…


blogger photo shoot




One response to “What Happens on a Blogger Shoot”

  1. I adore the blouse Laura – gorgeous! Shoots really are a little awkward in public!

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

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