Beating Imposter Syndrome


Beating Imposter Syndrome

Ever had the feeling that you aren’t qualified to give an opinion. Feeling like you actually aren’t a voice of authority in your field? Or worried about You’ve had a bad case of Imposter Syndrome. Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. We’ve all been there! I thought I’d give you a few ways I beat my own imposter syndrome.

Beating Imposter Syndrome

Beating Imposter Syndrome

1. Talk To Your Cheerleaders

You know those people in your life who always make you feel good when you talk to them? It could be your mum, boyfriend/girlfriend or your best friends. Talk them through what your feeling, they are always quick to point out all your accomplishments.

2. Make A List

It’s really hard to have prospective when you are living through something. Take a step back, find a new notebook and sit down to look at your achievements. This is a chance to focus on what you have done, rather than what you haven’t. I like to put something at the centre that is bothering me and then proceed to write around it all the ‘truths’ I can think of that dispel my fear.

3. Talk To A Mentor

This is a little bit different to your cheerleaders, this is someone you respect professionally that isn’t so close to you. This is where you could reach out to someone within your ‘social’ community. Always talking to someone online with a similar job to you? See if they are up for a Skype call, sound out your worries and they might have some of their own. It sounds counterproductive put hearing other people’s doubts can often help you silence your own. It’s like your own little two-way coaching session.

Have you got any tips for beating imposter syndrome? Share them below…



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