How To Get Your Dream Job


How To Get Your Dream Job

I’m fortunate enough to have a job I love and it’s something I get asked a lot of questions about. I thought I’d put together a little list of tips and tricks on how to get your dream job. Of course this is just my experience, I’d love to hear more about yours.

  1. Extra Curricular

    I went to university and studied Journalism, at the time blogging was a pretty new thing. I wasn’t getting the creative juices flowing as much as I’d like at Uni so I decided to start this blog. All the way back in 2008 (nearly 10 years YIKES). The great thing about having a blog is showing my creative side, as well as my commitment to something other than having one too many proseccos. It’s all well and good going to University (not that you have to go to Uni but that’s a whole other blog post) but you need to show what else you are doing. We can’t always work for free (privilege check) but if you can maybe do a couple of weeks experience somewhere it’s better than an empty CV. Set something up which really shows you are thinking about the future.

  2. Interviews

    If you get through to the interview stage for your dream job make sure you do your research. I’ve been in some interviews where people don’t really know anything about the role or the industry. I always remember someone telling me that they had a candidate interview with them for a magazine and they couldn’t name their favourite writer. Rookie mistake. You wouldn’t be expected to know EVERYTHING about the company or the area you want to go into but showing your interest and passion will go a long way. Swot up and impress them with your knowledge.

  3. Pick Out An Improvement

    Find a small improvement you could talk about in your interview, tough to do without sounding like a know it all. But if you chance on something they’d already been thinking about, this will stick in your future employers head. It also gives you a great project to get your teeth stuck into when you start. 😉

  4. Set Some Goals

    In most careers you have to work your way up the ranks. That’s why it’s important to set yourself some goals and manifest what you want out of your career. I remember being asked, where do you want to do in 5 years time? I described my role (which didn’t exist at the time) and a couple of years down the line it came true.
    Write down your career goals when you start in a new role, make sure you keep checking back on these periodically. It’ll give you a big boost when you realise you can tick some of them off and it gives you more to aim for.


How To Get Your Dream Job


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  1. Great post Laura, you’ve done so well my little Girl Boss. So important to know as much as possible about a company before interview!

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

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