Why Are We In A Rush?


why are we in a rush?

Why are we in a rush? It seems that there always has to be some milestone to get to or to achieve. Social media has made this culture more visible but I think this pressure has always been there. My Facebook is basically just the announcements part of the newspaper these days. Watching old school friends pop out humans and have lavish weddings.

There always seems to be an age you have to achieve something by. At this age I’ll have my dream job. At this age I’ll buy a house. Then to get engaged, then married. Of course you need to have children by a certain age because tick-tock! (Did you read my post complaining about this?)

I don’t like to put these markers on my life, it just becomes one big to do list. And where’s the fun in that?


ray ban style

I know there are endless think pieces on living in the moment but there is some truth in the theory. I turn 30 next month and although I’m well aware that this isn’t very old, it led me to write this post.

It’s funny how I started to write this post before I read this one from Chloe Plumstead, in which she talks about her fear of being closer to 30 than 20 and not having enough fun. I remember being that age and thinking I had all the time in the world. I’ve already done quite a lot of ‘adult’ things – settled down early, bought a house, found my ‘career job.’ But I’m a little reluctant to tick anymore of lives big milestones off of the list just yet.

I’d like to travel a bit more, blow too much money on a handbag and I’ve still got a few prosecco hangovers in me. What’s the rush? So here’s to my next big milestone – the big 3-0 and to a year of having fun and living in the moment.



Photography by Matt McCormick


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