Why make-up doesn’t rule my life… anymore


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I’ve spent a massive portion of my life wearing makeup. I was the kind of person who wouldn’t even nip to the shops without something on my face. I’d always had bad skin as a teenager and I just became so used to covering it up. It was one of those daily chores I had to do before leaving the house, like brushing my teeth.

One day this year as I was about to partake in my usual morning routine, I looked at my bare face and thought… oh that doesn’t look too bad. I know shocking right? Thinking something positive about yourself? Unheard of! I’ve definitely found a new found confidence since turning 30, sounds cliche but it’s true.

So I ditched the foundation, concealer, bronzer and highlight etc. Applied my moisturiser and groomed the brows. That was that. Then I braced myself. Ready for the inevitable ‘oh you look tired’ remarks when people laid their eyes on my bare face. But nothing happened. Nobody batted an eyelid. In fact I had more compliments on my skin than I’d ever had before. So I just continued and now can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn a full face of make-up this month.

I’ve been sticking to a great routine with my skin thanks to Pixi (I receive gifts from them in the spirit of full transparency) – they have some miracle working products. One stand out product for me, that has being giving my skin that natural glow, is the Rose Ceramide Cream. After years of working in an office under the dreaded air conditioning with my make-up on, my skin was looking parched. This cream is infused with ceramides and rose oil which really work at rehydrating the skin. It’s also helped to bring balance to my skin and seems to be behaving itself for now. No more random dry patches.

When I do want to wear something I’m going to make sure it’s minimal make-up only, so I still look like me. Anyone else ditching the make-up bag in favour of the au naturel look?


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  1. Love this post 🙂 I always make sure to have a make-up free day (usually a Sunday) but slowly but surely investing more into my skincare and one day I might go make-up free at work 🙂

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