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Laura Wythe | Communications Ambassador at DECIEM


I was first approached by Laura in February to hear more about the DECIEM brand. We met at a restaurant in Leeds and immediately hit it off – I love finding other ladies with the same sense of humour. I’ve loved seeing the the brand go from strength to strength, so I thought I’d catch up with Laura about how she landed her dream job.…

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An iPhone Photo Diary Of Paris


This week I spent 48 hours in Paris for work. I thought I’d put together a little photo diary from my trip. I never get to see as much of the city as I would like when I’m there for work, we are on a tight schedule but it’s still nice to see the city. While in Paris we stayed at The Hoxton – velvet…

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5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship


One of the main things people have often admired about me is how ‘I don’t care what people think.’  It’s true I didn’t really spend my teenage years too concerned with what people thought of me which was pretty freeing.  However I have to admit that when it comes to friendships, I’ve put up with things that I shouldn’t. If this was a romantic relationship…

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Clearing Out My Wardrobe With Mercari


I’ve promised myself that this is the year I’ll actually get a handle on my wardrobe. You know how it is, things can get a little out of hand when you have a shopping habit. My boyfriend is not pleased with the amount of clothes and shoes that live in various places around the house. If you follow my 5 tips for clearing out your…

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An iPhone Photo Diary Of Tignes


Last week I traveled over to Tignes in the French Alps for a work trip. It just so happened that it was one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been to. I just couldn’t help snapping pictures of everything. I thought I’d share my iPhone pictures with you all. We stayed in the fabulous Hotel Les Suites Maison Bouvier which is everything you want…

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Being A Woman


With the current revelations in Hollywood around Harvey Weinstein still fresh and the fabulous hashtag #MeToo helping women share stories and come together. I started to muse about my own thoughts on being a woman in 2017.…

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Why My Biological Clock Is None Of Your Business


Doing a quick poll on twitter the other week gave me the push to write this post. I just turned 29 last month and in the year leading up to my 30th I wanted to write some more personal posts that I think some of you might be able to relate to. And to be honest these are the kind of posts I enjoy reading…

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Desk to Dinner with Northern Railway


I was asked by Northern Railway to share my best travel hack. I had to think about this; as there are WiFi tips, charging hacks and important snack preparation that I could of shared with you. But I decided that the best travel hack for me is the art of packing, when you are going from desk to dinner. If you use public transport to…

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Côte Brasserie, Leeds


Côte Brasserie is a fairly new addition to the Trinity Leeds and I’d like to say a welcome one too. I think it’s the perfect place to stop for lunch in between shopping. The interiors are to die for too, perfect for all of those instagram shots you need to take of your lunch. I mean, marble tables! First things first. Of course Côte Brasserie is…

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Neom are a brand I’ve loved for the longest time. So when they asked me to take part in their #NeomBigSleep on the 28th September, I jumped at the chance. Now I’m an old lady (29 hah) I know how important sleep is. The idea behind the #NeomBigSleep tomorrow is to get a proper nights sleep and to wake up refreshed and happy. Their Perfect…

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