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I Love A Slogan T-Shirt


You know when you just keep buying something and it gets a little out of hand? Hello 100000 slogan t-shirts that have recently been introduced to my wardrobe. I’ve even had people comment on it – ‘you like a french slogan don’t you?’…

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The Ice Cream Cake with Northern Bloc


What a treat it was when Northern Bloc delivered lots of ice cream and other goodies to my door the other week. Inspired by my inspiration in the kitchen (Nigella) I made something that is pretty naughty. I took her peanut butter cookie recipe and made it work for this monster of an ice cream cake!  I have to warn you this one does take…

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4 Cool French Brands You Have To Know


I have a confession, I’m a little bit into French style. I know, so is everyone else. I’ve had a few brands on my radar for a while now and I thought I’d share them with you all in the hope that you discover a brand you haven’t heard of before and possibly a new favourite.  Rouje Rouje is the brand created by ultimate french…

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How I Achieve My Rose Gold Hair


If people ask me what my best feature is I have to say my hair. I get lots of compliments on it – big thanks to Laura from Harlow’s Den for laying down all the groundwork and listening to what I want. I thought I’d take you through some of the products I use to keep it in tip top condition and to give it…

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Fashion Nostalgia


Lately I’ve been finding that I’m going back to pieces that I used to wear to death as a teenager. I get a real sense of nostalgia when reaching for them, they can bring back lots of fond memories for me. Of course I’ve had to find a way to style them so they are more ‘age appropriate.’…

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Victoria Jackson | Part-time Magazine Editor and Lifestyle Blogger


I thought I’d bring you a new kick-ass careers to start your working week, there is nothing a love more than reading something inspiring on a Monday morning. I caught up with the fabulous Victoria Jackson who is behind the fabulous blog Apartment Number 4, oh and she also manages to find the time to be an Editor at a Menswear magazine. Want to know…

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My Bathroom Shelfie with Pixi


Pixi have been one of my favourite beauty brands for a while now and they were kind enough to send me some products I hadn’t tried yet to test out. Many of these are my go-to products now and they live in my bathroom cabinet. I’m going to talk you through each one and I hope you try the brand out for yourself.…

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Issho, Leeds


Tucked away in Victoria Gate is Issho, a very insta-worthy Japanese restaurant which a a new addition to Leeds. I was invited down at the weekend to try out their Bao + Bubbles brunch menu and I couldn’t wait to try it. We took the lift up to the third floor and were greeted at the entrance. We chose to sit outside on the terrace as…

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Thinking About The Future


I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog recently. After nearly 9 years of blogging I feel like I’m kind of hitting a little bit of a creative brick wall. It’s not something I want to happen as I don’t ever see myself not blogging.  I was inspired by reading Melissa’s post about the questions to ask yourself when planning the future of your…

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Everyday Summer Make-Up


I don’t know about you but these days my make-up routine is all about cutting down on the amount of time I spend applying it. I think I’m in search of the perfect ‘no make-up’ look that just enhances your features. I’ve been trailing a few products and I think I’ve found my winning combination for the moment.…

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