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British Fashion…. taking risks


I published this in my University newspaper. Thought I’d post it up here with a few changes. British Fashion – Taking Risks Brits have always been renowned for having the most exciting avant–garde fashion available. From the likes of Vivienne Westwood to Gareth Pugh, our fashion designers are usually making the most cutting edge, stand-out pieces on the catwalk. Whereas New York, Paris, and Milan…

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I cried a thousand tears…

So today after uni I thought I’d pop into town to have a browse at the all new TKMAXX in Leeds. While rifling around the racks I found the most beautiful dress ever… but alas it was still £199 and I just couldn’t afford it. Behold the McQueen dress! I know it doesn’t look that good in this picture but it was extremely wonderful! I…

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My First Comment…


Came from the lovely lady over at Meet The Freak and has made me determined to carry on. So thanks lady for the encourgement! So I went on abit of a spree today and got lots of lovely new things. I just can’t keep hold of money for very long. I have picked up a peeve from todays outing though. What is with the sizing…

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I’m kind of loving this dress at the moment. Although I have found some major problems with owning it. First off the tan line I’m sporting on my back not the best look I’ve had. And second of all I had to go bra-less. Not a major fashion crime of the century but when you have DD/E boobs like myself its never going to end…

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