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everyday makeup beauty blogger
everyday makeup beauty bloggereveryday makeup beauty blogger

My everyday make-up routine is pretty simple these days. I was one of those girls in high school who could be bothered to put full eye make-up on, it was part of the subculture of the music I was into. Think full black eye make-up or a variation in green.
These days, now I’ve gone into the professional world of work I’ve had to tone it down quite a bit. Also I don’t think a 25 year old can get away with black eyes for work. For foundation I’m staying faithful to Rimmel’s Match perfection foundation for my day to day make-up. I’ve tried so many high end foundations and they’ve all let me down a little bit. 
I’m still loving Collection’s Lasting perfection concealer for covering my imperfections, it does the job what more could I ask for? Illamasqua’s loose powder makes sure I stay matte through out the day, working in an office can take its toll on your skin. This keeps my make-up on a lot longer too, i pop this in my bag when I know its going to be a long day.

Sleek’s brow kit is my savior these days, despite having a good brow game my hair is really thin which leaves gaps in my eyebrows. This little kit makes sure they look their best. I find wearing glasses means you have to pay particular attention to your eyebrows, any other glasses wearers agree?
Gone are the days of the full eye make-up, these days I’m reaching for Groundwork by MAC. This gives me a neutral lid colour but keeps it understated. Then I add my mascara, I’m using this waterproof one my Chanel, it has the best staying power of any mascara I’ve ever used. Because I’m a glasses wearer I need products that open up my eyes, I apply this white eyeliner from MAC to my lower lash line and it does the job.

I apply this Physicians Formula Bronze booster to hollows of my cheeks and up towards my temples. It gives me a little bit of contouring but nothing too extreme for the daytime. Lastly if I’m in the mood for lipstick I want something that isn’t far off my own lip colour. I really like MAC’s Creme in your Coffee, its a creme sheen so its really moisturizing for your lips.

What do you reach for on a daily basis?

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