Top Podcasts For 2017

Top Podcasts For 2017
The last podcast round-up I wrote was all the way back in April last year – can you believe it?  Podcasts have now become a regular feature in my life. In fact I tend to listen to them on the way to work more than music these days. I find it helps get my mind working on a morning (although some are just funny) which prepares me for the day ahead. I’ve had so many conversations which now end up in us swapping Podcast subscriptions. I think you can find out a lot about a person from their subscription list. I’ve got a few more here for you all to listen to: 

Anna Faris Is Unqualified 

You may know Anna from Scary Movie but she also has a pretty amazing podcast. This podcast has been running since the end of 2015 but it’s only a recent discovery for me. Anna Faris and a number of high profile guests attempt to help the public with their relationship woes. It. Is. Hilarious. I highly recommend listening to the Tiffany Haddish episode – hopefully your not too prude. but seriously go listen Anna is funniest/sweetest lady and she backed herself a real fit husband. #LADYGOALS  

The PanDolly Podcast 

Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton join forces for a satirical swipe at the news. I’ve been a fan of Pandora for a while because her style is on point – and she writes an amazing blog. Dolly is an amazing dating columnist who also writes for The Sunday Times Style. A great way to catch up with the latest news that week, with a feminist twist. 

The Glossy Podcast 

Working in fashion means I want to keep up with all the latest developments. The Glossy podcast discusses the impact of technology on fashion, a great way to keep up to date without having to read long in depth articles. Perfect for the commute! 


I have an affinity for the weird and this podcast ticks those boxes. This podcasts looks into mysterious real life events that are still unexplained. I’m still into true crime podcasts and this is in the same vain. Maybe not the best podcast to help you sleep…

5 responses to “Top Podcasts For 2017”

  1. Elaine Tobin says:

    I have been looking for some good podcasts to follow in the last week since my radio in the car died.

  2. Ellenor Marie says:

    I need to get into listening to podcasts- they would be perfect for me with my long walk to work 🙂

  3. I've never listened to podcasts before, I really should 🙂

    Lauren xx

  4. Deimante Baurinaite says:

    Great reccomendations I will have to check them out. I would very highly recommend a podcast scifi story Limetown I think you would absolutely love it!!
    Deimante x

  5. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds says:

    These look really good! I love Anna Farris too 🙂 x

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