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Thinking About The Year Ahead

Somehow we are just over two weeks into January and I’m only just sitting down to write this post. 2018 is somewhat of a big deal to me. I’m turning 30. For some reason I seem to of built this up in my head to be something of a milestone. So I thought I’d share some musings with you about the big 3-0.

I’ve been watching Friends since the Netflix gods added the whole 10 series. One that always stuck in my head was ‘The One Where Rachel Turns 30‘ – mainly because I thought I too would be pouty and sulky when my birthday rolled around. Why god why?
Instead I’m seeing the next nine months as an opportunity. I’m planning to try something new every month to better myself. I’ve got a few up my sleeve already and I’m busy planning the others. The first thing I’m doing for myself this year is getting contacts. This is a huge deal for me, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was three. They seem to be part of who I am now, so I’m nervous to see how I get on with contact lenses. Of course I’ll be documenting the whole process here. The month after I’m focusing on fitness and how I’m going to stay in shape this year. I wanted to use a nifty title to sum up this blog series but so far I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas?
I burned out a little in 2017, so this year I’m going to take more breaks and make sure I really re-charge. I bought some more holidays at work so I have a whole extra week off this year. I will be using that to lie on a beach somewhere. I want to try to beat my previous record of five holidays in a year, aim high right?



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  1. Ellenor Marie says:

    Can't wait to see what you acheive this year gorgeous 🙂


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