Planning My Living Room


Updating my living room

After updating my kitchen this year, I’ve caught the decorating bug. Especially as I spend most of my time scrolling through Pinterest or on interior accounts on Instagram.

I’ve got an idea of what I want to do with the living room but I figured writing it all down here will help to streamline my thoughts and make sure I’ve thought of every avenue.


First up the colour of the room. I’m really into the dark blue interior aesthetic. So I’ve been draw to Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball. Of course I’ll be working with a small budget, which has to include new sofas, so I’ll be getting this colour paint matched for a fraction of the price.

I need to strip the walls and get the room re-plastered before I can do anything. When we moved in we just painted over what was here as we couldn’t afford to do everything in the house at the time.


living room plans



Next, my attention will be focused on my fireplace. It’s a great feature of the room but the surround is pine coloured and I want to paint it white. As you can see from my inspiration images, the blue walls and white surround look great together. I’ll be on the hunt for a gold standing mirror for the mantel. Painting the room dark might suck some of the light out of the room. Having a large mirror will make sure any light is reflected around the room.

Currently the floor is covered with a pretty standard laminate floor. While we were doing the kitchen floor we had to take the threshold off of the living room door which revealed the floor boards underneath. The dream would be to uncover an amazing floor underneath that we could clean up and varnish. If this isn’t the case I’m thinking of taking the floor from the kitchen into the living room.

The biggest investment in the room will be two new sofas. I’m looking for some blue velvet sofas; a three seater and a love seat to make sure we have the most space. My dream sofa is a blue velvet one I saw at the MADE showroom at Redbrick Mill. This is going to be a big investment so I have to be sure I pick the right one for us. We spend a lot of time in the living room (hello Netflix!) so the sofa will be the most important aspect.


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  1. OMG please continue the flooring from the kitchen into the living room. That would open the space up really nicely šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you do with the space šŸ™‚

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