5 Things I’m Doing In January


January resolutions

I used to do some nice goals orientated posts at the beginning of every month but they usually pointed all the things I hadn’t achieved…

That can be pretty depressing. So I thought this month as we are a week into January I would look at what I am already doing and will continue to do those throughout the month and beyond.

1. Get Back Into Fitness

I started last year really well. I got myself a PT and saw some amazing results. The end of the year saw my motivation drop off. I broke my foot in April and then I had a lot on which meant I didn’t have time for the gym. I’ve started off the year well, I’ve managed two sessions already. I’m going to start with keeping up to two a week with a view to fitting in three sessions a week by February.

2. Read More

At the beginning of last year I wanted to read more and I’ll be honest it didn’t go very well. I’m shamed to say I maybe read 5 books last year. This year I am going to read at least 1 book a month. I don’t want to set the bar too high, so I think this is achievable. I’m about to finish my first book, and already have a few lined up.

3. Dry January

As part of my health kick I’m doing dry January. I’m sure we all had a pretty booze heavy December, so this feels like a perfect start to the year. Plenty of hangover free weekends to make January more productive. (The drink in the picture above is a mocktail FYI)!

4. Clothing Spending Ban

I’m going to be getting my fitted wardrobes sorted out this month. So in the spirit of this, I don’t want to add more clothing to the pile I’ve already got going on. I’ve being watching the new Marie Kondo documentary to help me streamline my wardrobe. I’ve already folded all my jeans so they fit perfectly in one drawer. This is the kind of thing that gives me satisfaction at 30. (Haha)

5. Cutting Back on Plastic

A statement from WWF states that we are the last generation to be able to effect the devastation we’ve inflicted on our planet. We’ve got about 12 years until this change is irreversible. There is no point thinking ‘well this small change couldn’t have an effect.’

I’m going to be cutting back on my plastic consumption. One of my best friends bought some metal straws for me as a Christmas gift, they even come with a little pouch to carry them in your bag. No need for a plastic one ever again. I also invested in a re-useable cup so I will never have to use a take-away cup again. I’ve made the suggestion at work that we should stop using plastic cups too, hoping I can change others habits in a small way.

I’m starting with small things but hoping to read up on ways I can cut back even more. If you have any tips leave them in the comments below.


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