What I’ve learnt in my 30th year


So it’s been a whole year of 30. Weird. It’s kind of gone by in a blur.

I’m sure you’ve read the cliches of how people find themselves at 30. And what can I say I’m one of them. It seems to be the year that I’ve really embraced myself. I’ve always been quite self assured in terms of my beliefs and opinions. But when it came to my physical appearance… I’ve spent years battling with that.

I’ve stopped wearing makeup everyday and this has been pretty revolutionary for me. Not only does it mean I get to sleep in but it’s also done wonders for my skin. I’ve found that slapping lots of makeup on can actually age me so it’s great to change up my relationship with makeup.

I’m also battling with getting back into working out on the regular. But even though I haven’t got this down just yet I’m not constantly debating myself up for not working out on the regular. I think it comes from just having more respect for my body and what it’s got me through.

I spent a long time thinking about friendships. My mind would wander to people who aren’t in my life anymore and why… at 30 I can honestly say I don’t care anymore. Don’t want to make the effort? BYE. It’s all about quality not quantity. I’m shouting that for the people at the back.

I was a big reader when I was younger and this has slipped as other things tended to take presidence. But I’ll be honest, I haven’t found much else that impacts my mental health in a positive way like getting lost in a good book. I really want to read 30 books this year. But this is looking like a bit of a mammoth task. I’m only on 8, do you think I can do it? I maybe need to learn the value of setting myself achievable goals this year haha.

I finally know my style, in fashion and interiors. I spent a long time trying to fit into different Instagram fashion trends. Trying to be the minimalist parisenne girl for a while. And you know what, it isn’t me. I like colour and pattern. Surprise surprise this is what I like in my home too. Knowing what I like and trusting myself completely is something that has fallen into place now. I’m working on my living room at the moment and should be able to do the big reveal in December.


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